Designer & Mama Maker

Delane Cooper is a jewellery designer, goldsmith and artist for AnimalStone, a family owned & women run company based out of Toronto, Canada.

Designing and creating for AnimalsStone allows Delane and Mr. Farnum to connect with each animal through their curiosity and interest in telling the animal’s story through jewellery. Their design process includes research and meditation and allows them to learn about each animal so each animal’s unique story and design feels authentic to the wearer. It’s this interaction with the animals that allows them to appreciate their part in the circle of life and see the animals for what they are beauty captured through jewellery. For this, they are grateful to bring these timeless pieces as wearable art for you to love and cherish.

Learn more about AnimalStone and how they give back to our wildlife communities who are dedicated to protecting endangered species and conserving the habitats where they live. They have chosen these organizations carefully, on the basis that they are actively working to better the lives of the animals we love and seek to preserve.

Their mission is Connecting Animals to People while reminding those who wear their charms of our fundamental connection to all living things.