Dreaming your story
into jewellery.

“What sets Delane apart from other jewellery designers is her unique ability to weave her clients’ personal stories into her exquisite designs. I’m eternally grateful to Delane for creating this precious reminder of my parents’ love. Every time I look at my ring, their story shines through and brings me joy.”

– Tribute to Love client  |  Laurelea Conrad

Murray ring

Designed to pay tribute to love

To pay tribute to her parents’ 63-year love affair, a daughter asked Delane to combine their wedding rings into one band expressing their story. In it, an M for Murray holds a V for Vorna. Murray was Vorna’s strength during a decade of memory loss. She signed a thousand love notes “My O+O” – My One and Only – and Murray kept every one. Delane designed this gold and diamond tribute to a rare and beautiful deep love.

Word rings

Designed to celebrate commitment

When a photographer/artist accepted her best friend’s marriage proposal, she wanted their wedding rings to reflect elements of her art – black and white photography and text. Delane surrounded a rough diamond with the artist’s handwritten words – I am bound to you freely – along with other text that holds special meaning for the couple.


Designed to launch a new life

Whether it be freedom, career or seeking one’s own holy grail, there are occasions to celebrate in this journey we call Life. In this example, the stones and metal were carefully selected to represent milestones in one individual’s story. Each client who works with Delane embarks on a creative and fulfilling adventure that also results in a unique and beautiful piece of story-telling jewellery.

About Delane Cooper

Delane Cooper is a Dreamatizer who dreams people’s story into jewellery.  Her process involves research, meditation and dreaming. 

At an early age dissociation was a way to escape and dreaming was a tool to be safe. As a creative, Delane worked at harnessing a negative behaviour into a positive creative way to express herself hence why she has dubbed herself the Dreamatizer.

A source of calm for Delane is a place called Prince Edward County.

Delane Cooper

Delane Cooper

Private Commissions are Delane’s specialty

Warrior Within
North Star
Where Water Meets the Sun
Wilson ring
Flocked bangle
Long Love
Green Stone

“Delane has a unique gift that comes from a mysterious and wonderful place of pure authenticity, empathy, and creative expression. A natural artist, Delane mines your deepest joys and life stories to create a work of jewelled art that sings to your soul!”

– Valerie Campbell

Public commissions designed to attract members & build loyalty

Delane has designed custom jewellery pieces for organizations such as Verity Women’s Club, The National Ballet of Canada, The Hincks Dellcrest Foundation, Canadian National Day of Service and The Canadian Women’s Foundation.

The Hincks-Dellcrest Centre
The National Ballet of Canada
National Ballet of Canada
CNDS Foundation

Celebrate what matters. Capture a moment to cherish.
Express the bond you share. Enjoy the journey.