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Love to garden? When you see a flower are you curious to see if a bee is napping in it? What about fairies? Do fairies visit your garden? If you love to garden, love bees and believe in fairies, then this piece of jewellery is for you!

Many centuries ago, a fairy was flying around the garden and noticed the most beautiful bee ever. This pollen accessorized bee was seen sleeping in the centre of a lilac coloured cosmos flower. She watched in awe as the flower gently swayed back and forth as a light breeze was rocking this bee during its slumber. The bee gently fluttered its wings while sleeping probably dreaming about flying to her favourite flowers. Not wanting to disturb the bee, the fairy flew around the flower and gazed long to remember the details of this moment from various angles. When the westerly wind escorted the clouds to move along and welcome the warm sun rays, the bee awoke, stood up to stretch her wings. Then she was off to the next flower! Sensing she was being followed, the bee turned around and boom! The fairy and the bee crashed! Their decent was softened by landing on a pale gold and crimson sneezeweed flower.

Embarrassed by what happened, the fairy profusely kept apologizing but the bee laughed and said, “You talk a lot! What’s your name? I’m Amethyst ‘cuz I love flowers in shades of purple. But you can call me Thysty! Why were you following me?” Dumbfounded but playing along, “I’m Morgaine but the other fairies call me Gainey. For a bee that I just crashed into, Amethyst I mean Thysty, you talk a lot! We should be friends!” And just like that the fairy and the bee became the best of friends. They flew from gardens to meadows to woodlands teaching each other what they knew about the flora and fauna around them. When other bees saw Amethyst and Morgaine together they’d asked to be introduced since they’ve never spoken to fairies before; soon it was the same with the fairies. Bees minded their own business as did the fairies but Thysty and Gainey’s friendship became a model for other fairies and bees where more information was being shared to protect the environment and its inhabitants.

One early fall afternoon the two besties were flying around. Amethyst spotted a beautiful vivid lilac coloured cosmos flower and asked Morgaine if they could stop to rest. When they landed Amethyst yawned, stretched her wings and said, ‘Gainey, you’re my best friend. I want you to know that. Who would have ever thought that a bee and a fairy could make change to the floral and fauna!’ She let out another yawn and continued, ‘I’m really sleepy now. See you later, Gainey.’ When Gainey saw Thysty’s eyes dim she understood her best friend embraced her permanent slumber. Gainey didn’t shed a tear. She gazed long and lovingly hard at Thysty, took a mental photo of her, stroked her soft hair and kissed her eye. Gainey flew fast and swift through the trees, the blades of grass, below the petals of flowers and above the waters where she and Thysty played. She soared to exhaust herself from the grief that her friend was gone. When Gainey no longer had the energy to hover, she went to see Elvina, The Fairy Elder. Gainey rested her hands in Elvina’s hands, closed her eyes and without speaking a word the movie reel of experiences between the fairy and bee were communicated heart to heart. When their eyes opened, Elvina said, “Go see the goldmaker. He will know what to do.”













Morgaine sipped on some sweet water to regain her energy then left as directed. When she reached the goldmaker’s rock, she knocked and asked for permission to enter. Peadar called the fairy in and without looking up from his gold making bench said, “You are here because of your grief? Gainey, my child, go ahead and share with me who your friend was.” They both closed their eyes and every experience was shared from seeing the sunrises, making friends with other animals to learning about the flora from each other. When their eyes opened, Paedar said return in two moon cycles and I will have something for you.

As instructed, Morgaine returned and knocked on the rock for permission to enter. “Come in Gainey.” Peadar asked her to take a seat and said, “I have dreamt for one full  moon cycle and it took me another to create this for you. Hold out your hand for I have created a ring so Thysty can be with you always. The ring is titled Thysty – A Bee’s Eye View.”

Peadar slipped the ring on Ganey’s finger, they close their eyes and they communicated heart to heart without speaking oral words…

‘Thysty’s name was Amethyst so I carefully cut and faceted an amethyst to remind you of her greatest feature – her eyes.  Notice the facets. The cuts are on the underside of the stone. By doing so it gives the illusion of the many lenses of a bee’s eye. May the light purple shade of this stone remind you of Thysty’s favourite flowers and allow you to see the world as she saw it. This stone will also bring you calm, balance and peace when you wear it.

The metal that embraces the stone is yellow gold representing the sun which will guide you as Thysty guided you through the flora. Call on the sun’s light to continue the work you two have fostered so fairies and bees carry on working together to protect our world. Yellow gold represents the courage, magic and wisdom the two of you shared throughout your friendship.

The diamonds on either side of the amethyst will guide you towards strong UV flowers to continue the pollinating work you two have been working on to document. These stones are magic as they will help you tap into your creativity and imagination as well as give you strength so you too may evolve into the fairy you are to be.

Wear this ring in the spirit of sisterhood, Gainey, and treasure it always! Thysty is with you and in you.’

With eyes still closed, Gainey asked, “The ancient scrolls say that a fairy will be given a challenge to be human for 24 moon cycles. When that day comes, will I be able to take Thysty with me and return with it so my connection to her will not be lost?”

Peadar’s heart smiled easing the fairy’s heart. With much gratitude, she stood, walked towards the entrance to leave and as she crossed the threshold she turned and smiled knowing that there is more work to be done with Thysty even in spirit. With that Gainey flew into the forest.

Thysty – A Bee’s Eye View is

Thysty – A Bee’s Eye View is an 18K Solid Yellow Gold ring with an Amethyst approximately 28ct in weight and adorned with 10 Brilliant Cut Diamonds on either side for a total weight of 0.13ct.

The Amethyst in Thysty – A Bee’s Eye View was cut by Gustav Caesar based in Germany’s gemstone capital of Idar-Oberstein which has been the source of some of the world’s most exquisite gemstones to top jewellers since 1840.

Hofstetter Cooper is an unlikely collaboration between two goldsmiths who weave jewellery design, craftsmanship and storytelling together to create uniquely told stories where the jewellery takes the wearer on an adventure of the imagination.

A portion of the proceeds will go to the Lotus Hero Project to help improve the mental health of children and adults through art where trauma had been experienced.

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