Thrive the Five Necklace

Cristina Zenato, scuba diver, educator and explorer, was the inspiration for this contemporary necklace. Thrive the Five is made up of 5 dive bubbles inspired by Cristina’s diving career of over 25 years. Each dive bubble represents: Freedom, Curiosity, Intelligence, Adventure and Experience. 

Wear Thrive the Five knowing you are a woman who works for her Freedom, has a sense of Curiosity to seek beyond and break the socially imposed boundaries, the Intelligence to know and test her resilience so her bounce-back factor no longer comes into question, embraces Adventure by tapping into her independent nature and welcomes the Experience of life. 

Created by Delane Cooper for Cristina Zenato 2020 



Wanting to give back to the place that she has called home for over 25 years, Cristina Zenato has announced the Thrive the Five Scholarship on International Women’s Day 2020. Girls in Grade 12 public high school in The Bahamas are eligible and encouraged to apply in pursuing a career in marine science and maritime work with the future intent to contribute to the ocean and marine environment conservation. The awarded with have the choice to pick between acquiring the basic scuba education or furthering an already existing scuba education, through advancement in level training or acquisition of specialty diving. The scholarship will cover the costs of everything involved with the training. Travel, food and accommodation are not included nor covered by this scholarship. With each purchase of Thrive the Five Necklace $16.00USD will be donated to the Thrive the Five Scholarship fund managed by Cristina Zenato.

To learn more about Cristina and her work, please visit:

Cristina Zenato wearing Thrive the Five in solid sterling silver

‘Thrive The Five’ in solid sterling silver
Available on 16″ or 18″ sterling silver chain

Purchase Options Below:

Solid sterling silver pendant on 16″ sterling silver chain $160.00CAD

Solid sterling silver pendant on 18″ sterling silver chain $170.00CAD

Solid 14K white or yellow gold pendant is available.

Please contact for custom pricing.